Doctoral Study Programme


Graduates of Master´s degree programme Pharmacy or a Master´s degree programme of related specialization can be accepted to the on-site or combined mode of study of the Doctoral degree programme Pharmacy.

Also, students currently studying in the Master´s degree programme and missing the final state examination can apply to the application procedure, however the condition for acceptance is successful finishing of the Master´s degree programme.

The admission procedure comprises of examination in the selected scientific branch and in the knowledge of English language.









  • Doctoral study program:

Pharmacy (P5206)
  • Mode of study:
On-site (full-time)/ Combined (distant)
  • The standard length of study:
4 years
  • Completion of studies:
Doctoral thesis defense + doctoral state examination
  • Title awarded to the graduates:
Doctor – Ph.D.
  • Tuition fee:   
5 200 EUR per academic year








 For application for the PhD programme it is necessary to submit:


·         1. Completely filled-in Application to the procedure - here

·         2. Copy of the university Diploma verified by the notary

·         3. Copy of the “Diploma Supplement” verified by the notary

·         4. Validated University Diploma – in case that the Diploma was received in other country than the Czech Republic and Slovakia - more information to be found in here

·         5. Professional Curriculum Vitae (together with the list of publications)


Graduates of Faculty of Pharmacy UVPS Brno can deliver copies of Diploma and Diploma Supplement without notary verification.


Fields of study

More information about study in the Doctoral degree programme Pharmacy can be obtained from branch board chairman of the relevant department of the Faculty of Pharmacy UVPS Brno.

  •          Pharmacognosy

   Branch Board Chairman: Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Karel ŠMEJKAL, Ph.D.; Phone: +420 541 562 839; email: smejkalk(at)

  •          Medicinal Chemistry

    Branch Board Chairman: Prof. RNDr. Jozef CSÖLLEI, CSc.; Phone: +420 541 562 920, email: csolleij(at)

  •          Pharmaceutical Technology

    Branch Board Chairman: Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Mgr. David VETCHÝ, Ph.D..; Phone: +420 541 562 860, email: vetchyd(at)


Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PharmDr. Josef JAMPÍLEK, Ph.D. email:  jampilekj(at)



Entrance examinations for the PhD programme have the form of an interview.