Entrance Examinations

  •  take place at the Faculty of Pharmacy or in other place all around the world according to the country of the applicant by the Internet

  • for the Master programme the Entrance examinations have the form of a test on a  secondary school level of Chemistry and Biology 

  • applicants get all the detailed instructions to their e-mails and the link for the Entrance tests together with the details about their login and password short before the term of the Entrance exams 

  •  as soon as they sign in, the entrance tests in Biology and in Chemistry are opened there for them 

  • after the applicants begin one of the tests, they have exactly 60 minutes for its completion

  • there are 40 questions in Biology and 40 questions in Chemistry. The questions are multiple choice with one correct answer. For each correct answer applicants receive 1 point

  • to be successful, it is necessary to get at least 40 points altogether