Summer University of Pharmacy



Are you dreaming about becoming a pharmacist? Are you unsure whether this is the right choice for you? Come at the end of August to Brno, Czech Republic, to experience a week in the life of pharmacy students with all it brings - living at the dormitory, attending laboratory classes, excursions not only to pharmacy and discussions about all the possibilities that pharmacy has to offer!

We are starting on Sunday, 25th August 2019, by arrivals, the programme will take place from Monday to Friday between 9 and 19. Package includes 5 nights of accommodation (Sun-Thu), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks on Mon-Fri), educational and professional programme, sightseeing, trip to Veveří castle and Brno dam.

The programme will be carried out in beautiful city of Brno - city with the highest number of Universities in Czech Republic. Educational and professional programme will happen at the local Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in cozy campus where nature meets the city.



We have prepared unique programme that consists of:

Soft-skills trainings since we believe that each pharmacist must have a set of not only hard but also soft-skills to properly handle his professional and personal life,

Educational programme full of practical laboratories that will guide participants through modern technologies we use at our faculty and give them insight into what pharmaceutical research means,

Professional programme to introduce the international environment, role of pharmacy on European scale, all the possible career paths that pharmacists can take and excursions out of academic sphere to see the "real life".

Social programme that will help participants to discover beauties of students' life, city of Brno and its near surroundings.


  Soft-skills Training Educational Programme Professional Programme Social Programme


25. 8.



26. 8.

Teambuilding Pharmacy in Society Tour around campus Picknick, Theatre


27. 8.

Critical Thinking Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacy in Europe Tour around City, Students' Club


28. 8.

Communication Pharmacy and Nature Trip to Veveří castle and Brno dam, Brno Observatory


29. 8.

Improvisation Drug Technology Excursion to Pharmacy Sport Activities


30. 8.

Creativity Pharmacology, Molecular Biology Excursion to Hospital/ Pharmaceutical Company Departures


Participants will be accommodated in students' dormitory Kounic's Hall of Residence, that are in walking distance from the University campus. Thanks to the unique spirit of students' accommodation, participants will get the chance to experience how it feels to live at the dormitory. Historical building of dormitory was built in 1922 and is currently registered as a national heritage.


Travel information

Brno is in the middle of traingle of big airports with its own smaller international airport. Therefore, it is possible to land directly in Brno or in Prague, Vienna or Bratislava. From other airports, it takes around two hours by bus/train. Brno is also very well accessible by train or bus from all around Europe. It is also possible to park the car in guarded University campus parking lot. The cost of transportation is to be covered by participants and is not part of the package.



Price for the Summer University of Pharmacy is 200€ and includes whole package described in the section About (5 nights of accommodation; meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks; educational and professional programme and materials; sightseeing; trip to Veveří castle and Brno dam). Participation fee is to be transferred by the bank transfer after being accepted to the event.



 The event is open to all high school students that would like to find out more about what pharmacy feels like. The participants must be of age 18 by the date of event. To apply

fill in the application form HERE

it will take you only few minutes.

Application deadline is prolonged !!!

New deadline is Monday, 19th August 2019, 23:59 Central European Summer Time.